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School Gym or Facility Remodel or Renovate

What can we do for you?

Very often we can save you money by repairing or renovating what is already there!

Mask unsightly exposed pipe, duct work, fixtures or beams by using our color blending process. Freshen up your school colors in your gym! Or we can add new structures such as a concession area or handicap ramps just to name a few.

Consider having us bid on any of the following:

  1. Painting Carlisle Gym
    • Custom Painting of Offices or Special Areas
    • Exterior of your school buildings
    • Painting Stripes and logos on your walls
    • Changing color stripes in your gym
    • Football stadium Painting
  2. Adding new concession areas
  3. Installation of Acoustic board for noise reduction
  4. Installation of new ceiling tile or repainting the old
  5. New school or athletic facililty lockers
  6. Adding or renovating handicap ramps (concrete or wooden)
  7. Gym Wall Pads
    We install custom wall padding of all colors, shapes and sizes.
    • Protective padding absorbs impact, and helps prevent injuries from physical contact with hard surfaces
    • Covers all types of wall surfaces including tile, brick and block
    • Can be easily installed on walls, windows, doors and auditorium stages
    • Durable vinyl material resists flame, bacteria and mildew
    • Colorful, sound-absorbent pads can be customized with logos or lettering
    • Available in both permanent and removable styles
    Visit our Wall Pads & More page for additional info!
  8. Flooring
    The best thing to happen to gym floors since the sneaker!
    Specifically designed to protect gymnasium floors from damage while being used in non-athletic events.
    For more info, go to our Floor Guardian page.
  9. Bleacher Renovations

Contact us to see what we can do for you! We do it ALL!

Clayton Total Gym
Clayton Total Gym

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