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Are your bleachers safe and up to safety codes?

Our safety inspection can tell you what is wrong with your bleachers, how safe they are for fans, if they're up to code, and if we can repair them. You'll receive a report of what might be wrong and what might be needed for replacement or repairs, if any. We have saved many schools many dollars by repairing they have or catching problems before they occur.

Contact us to do a Facility Safety Inspection on your bleachers. Absolutely NO CONTRACTS needed. (Spring Through Summer Special)

Our Inspection includes:

  1. Exit lights working properly
  2. Playing floor, Bleachers and underneath bleachers clear of debris
  3. Are safety chains properly connected to backboards?
  4. Are backboards, rims, and backboard edge padding up to playing standards
  5. Are wall pads attached properly and proper thickness? Are any areas torn and need repair?
  6. Is the bleacher system safe? are there any broken boards, sharp metal edges or missing or loose hardware?
  7. Are the handrails in proper place and sucure?
  8. Is the bleacher system and power system (if applicable) working properly.
  9. Is the bleacher frame structuraly sound?
  10. Is the System attached to the wall and floor properly?
  11. Is anything else in the gym unsafe or needing attention?
  12. Detailed powerpoint presentation including pictures of at risk areas

If repairs are necessary, we have years of experience to assist you in:

  • Replacing new boards or providing another Seating Solution.
  • Replace Hardware
  • Jack & Weld Understructure & tracks
  • Fix bent or broken tracks, brakes, stops, & wheels
  • If your replacement parts are no longer manufactured, we can fabricate that for you.

We now offer hand rails from Buckeye Bleacher Repair. See more.....


Bleacher Repair Spec Sheet

  1. Check and retighten bleacher attachment to the wall.
  2. Tighten all nuts & bolts under bleachers so that frame is tight and secure.
  3. Replace missing hardware, nuts and bolts.
  4. Look for missing brackets or framework.
  5. Inspect tracts to see if they are secure in holding brackets and that they are aligned and not bent.
  6. Check for foreign objects in tracts.
  7. Clean tracts and degrease.
  8. Vacuum tracts.
  9. Check for broken welds, "jack and re-weld" as needed.
  10. Inspect power system and if possible adjust and align system.
  11. Inspect for broken rollers and advise for replacement.
  12. Clean rollers on system.
  13. Lubricate all moving parts, frame, tracts and check all parts that are binding.
  14. If rollers or power system needs repair or replacement, we will advise and bid on replacement or repair.
  15. In most cases procedures 1-12 will take care of the problems and no further cost will be incurred.


Contact us to see what we can do for you! We do it ALL!

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